Somizi: '(Zahara) was one of the most mocked personalities'

Somizi: '(Zahara) was one of the most mocked personalities'

Somizi says people did not give Zahara her flowers when she was alive, and instead celebrated her downfall. 

Somizi sitting inside a car
Somizi reflected on Zahara's death/ Instagram (@somizi)

The death of Zahara has left a huge hole in South Africa's music industry, and tributes continue to pour in for the star

Somizi is one of the many celebrities reflecting on the 'Loliwe' hitmaker's passing. He expressed sadness that Zahara was not celebrated while she was alive. 

Zahara died in a Johannesburg hospital on Monday "surrounded by family and loved ones". She was 36. 

Her family received an outpouring of love and support online. However, Somizi questioned why people, including himself, respect death and not life. 

"When I heard that Zahara is in hospital and she's not in a good condition... I thought, hmmm, should anything happen to Zahara, should Zahara not make it, I know for sure Zahara is going to be an overnight hero... People are going to be saying how the industry has lost an icon, how she's gone too soon, how she was an amazing vocalist,” the former 'Idols SA' judge said. 

Zahara's personal life has made headlines over the years. She reportedly almost lost her home due to financial difficulties while some people shared videos from her performances that did not show her in a good light. 

Somizi noted that when Zarah "cried for help" hardly anyone jumped in to assist.

"She was one of the most mocked personalities. People celebrated her downfall, people used to make fun of her situations. We knew that she had her fair share of hardships. But she was hardly given her flowers, right? "

He added that you have to die for people to acknowledge and respect you. 

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Many people, including several celebrities, agreed with Somizi. "Facts," influencer Mihlali Ndamase commented. 

Anele Mdoda wrote: "Dude, we had this conversation just last night!"

Somizi's followers also shared their views, with some saying she asked for help many times. 

"Sad part is that she had to fight all her life just for happiness… the world was cruel to her since day 1, hence this hurts so much," one follower said.

Another follower added: "Fighting the living and celebrating the dead…what a sad generation we are."

A third wrote: "People will even choose to contribute to your funeral but not help you out when you are still alive...humans neh."

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Main image credit: Instagram/@somizi


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