Mihlali Ndamase gets real about dating a man going through divorce

Mihlali Ndamase gets real about dating a man going through divorce

“He is not divorced legally but it's a long process."

Mihlali Ndamase
Mihlali Ndamase / Instagram (@mihlali_n)

YouTube sensation Mihlali Ndamase is opening up about her love life in a candid new interview on L-Tido's podcast.

The 26-year-old shared more details about how she became involved with Leeroy Sidambe. Mihlali was accused of having an affair with the businessman last year while he was still with his wife, Mary Jane Sidambe.

She denied the claims then, and remains adamant that he was already going through a divorce when they became romantically involved. 

"He's not divorced, like, legally. It's a long process, you know... we've seen people who have filed for divorce but they still continue with their lives and they do get into relationships. That's the situation my partner and I are in. It is the reality of things," the award-winning influencer said.

Mihlali and Leeroy celebrated their one-year anniversary in March. While she did not mention him by name during the interview, she is clearly smitten.

"The relationship, it's been great. I'm happy. He treats me like a queen. We really get along. I love my man." 

She revealed that they have matching "king" and "queen" tattoos. "He has a 'K', I have a 'Q'," she said. 

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Mihlali Ndamase girlfriend allowance

L-Tido also asked Mihlali about the fact that she receives a girlfriend allowance from her boyfriend. Mihlali made headlines in 2021 when she revealed that she gets a R50,000 girlfriend allowance. 

She was chatting to Boity on her YouTube channel when she made the remarks.  

"Many moons ago, I once had a girlfriend allowance, and shame it was cute. He used to give me R50k a month. I was so happy,” Mihlali told Boity. 

Boity joked that she would like a R450,000 girlfriend allowance

L-Tido asked Mihlali what she thinks is a sufficient girlfriend's allowance.

"I've never put a gun to a man's head and said he must give me a girlfriend allowance... What's a sufficient girlfriend allowance for me? I don't necessarily have a figure to be quite honest. I do work, I do make my own money, I'm very comfortable with the money I make. A man can walk into my life and walk out and not shake anything for me."

She added that a man can give her whatever he is comfortable with. "At the end of the day it's your hard work and I'd appreciate that my baby's spoiling me," the entrepreneur said. 

But when L-Tido asked her if R2,000 was enough for a girlfriend allowance, Mihlal laughed at the idea, indicating that it was too little. 

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Watch Mihlali's full interview with L-Tido below. She opens up about her relationship with Leeroy from 27:01: 

Main image credit: Instagram/@mihlali_n

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