Somizi faces backlash after urging 'Black Twitter' to spread positivity

Somizi faces backlash after urging 'Black Twitter' to spread positivity

Self-hate must stop! Somizi has an important PSA for 'Black Twitter'. 


Somizi Mhlongo is trending on Twitter after calling out 'Black Twitter' for its "pull him/her down syndrome".

The 'Idols SA' judge said he is sick and tired of the negativity he sees online. Somgaga made the comments in reaction to all the hate businessman Hamilton Ndlovu received for sharing a video of the cars he bought his family.

Social media users accused Hamilton of flaunting his wealth during a time when many people were losing their jobs or going through financial difficulties due to COVID-19.

Some even questioned where the businessman got his wealth. 

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Hamilton apologised for flaunting the luxury cars, saying he realises the video was in "poor taste". 

But Somizi was perplexed as to why Hamilton had to apologise in the first place.

"Why must he apologise for his hard-earned success?... Stop with your 'Black Twitter' mentality... 'Black Twitter' should be about black excellence. 'Black Twitter' should be about black support," he said in an Instagram video. 

'Black Twitter' has been known to speak up about issues affecting black people, but the online community has also been called out for bullying and its "cancel culture". 

It's no surprise that 'Somizi Must Fall' started trending on Twitter after the 47-year-old's comments. Some people had no idea why Somizi was trending but joined in on the hate. 

Despite the hate, many people came to Somizi's defence. "Well said babe, people work hard every day and they get scared to celebrate because," actor Khaya Dladla said. 

Scores of Twitter users said Somgaga spoke nothing but facts. They used the 'Somizi Must Rise' hashtag to show their support. 

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Main image courtesy of Instagram/@somizi

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