Too darn cute! Siya Kolisi's kids attend first day of school in Paris

Too darn cute! Siya Kolisi's kids attend first day of school in Paris

The Kolisi family's new adventure abroad is off to a good start...

Siya Kolisi, Rachel Kolisi and family
Siya Kolisi with his wife Rachel and their family/ Instagram (@rachelkolisi, @siyakolisi)

Siya Kolisi is beaming with pride after sending off his two children for their first day of school in Paris.

The Springbok captain shared a picture of Nicholas and Keziah dressed up in their new school uniforms. 

"First day of school," the 32-year-old captioned the image. His followers flooded the comments section with well wishes. 

"Too darn cute, May God cover them with joy, peace, calm and a beautiful environment for them to thrive and learn," South African singer Nandi Madida wrote. 

TV presenter Maps Maponyane commented: "They're going to adjust and fit in perfectly!"

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Siya Kolisi and Rachel Kolisi's children
Siya and Rachel Kolisi's children, Nicholas and Keziah/ Instagram (@siyakolisi)

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The Kolisi family's first day at school was not without a few hiccups. Nicholas started “year 4” (grade 4) on Monday while his little sister Keziah started “year 1” (grade 1).

Siya's wife, Rachel Kolisi, found their schools before they moved to France last month, but could only get their school supplies when they touched down in the country. 

She bought their school shoes online but when they arrived, one pair did not fit. Rachel shared a hilarious exchange between herself and customer service about her going into a store to exchange them. 

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It seems she sent the email to a store that sells clothes for curvy women! Rachel is still adjusting to life in the French-speaking country and simply laughs off the minor mishaps. 

"I successfully did 2 online orders! A charger for my laptop, glue sticks for school (which landed in our neighbour's mailbox, because I put the wrong delivery details. She caught me shoving my hand in trying to pull the package out, never been more grateful to hear someone speak English!)," she joked

Adjusting to life in a new country is not easy, but the family has found time to have some fun. Nicholas turned nine years old a few days ago, and the family celebrated with a trip to Disneyland Paris. 

Main image credit: Instagram/@rachelkolisi, @siyaolisik

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