Russell Peters slams joke 'thief' Trevor Noah

Russell Peters slams joke 'thief' Trevor Noah

Canadian comedian Russell Peters won't let go of claims that Trevor Noah stole his material.

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Russell Peters has once again come out to slam Trevor Noah for allegedly stealing his jokes.

The Canadian comedian called Trevor a "thieving motherf*****".during a recent appearance on American radio show, 'Sway in the Morning'.

Sway stirred the pot when he listed Trevor as one of his favourite comedians.

“Why? If you’re a fan of me, you don’t need to be a Trevor Noah fan. Thieving motherf*****... Go review the f****** tapes," Russell replied.

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It's not the first time Russell has called Trevor a thief. He first made the claims during an interview on Channel NewsAsia's 'Conversation With' in 2015 - a few months before Trevor became host of 'The Daily Show' host

"He's stolen material from David Kau. He's stolen material from myself... It's not borrowing. You don't borrow in this business... That's like stealing somebody's underwear and putting them on," Russell said at the time.

Russell took to Twitter after the Channel NewsAsia interview made headlines to suggest that it was a prank. 

"@Trevornoah OMG I can't believe how gullible the media are! Next time I'll choose a less awkward time to prank U! #PeopleWatchSingaporeanTV?" he wrote. 

Trevor replied: "[email protected] you just cost me the presidency of South Africa. Lol.  See you in Vegas. Revenge is sweet. #SomebodyGonnaGetHurtRealBad" 

But Russell is once again opening up an old can of worms. He urged Sway to  “go review the f****** tapes" of Trevor doing a joke about how Russians speak. Russell says he did the joke before Trevor did.

Watch the video below of the joke Russell believes Trevor stole.

Russell says he confronted Trevor about his alleged thieving.

"When I called him he said, 'which joke did I steal?'. How many jokes have you stolen if you gotta say which one?" 

Watch Russell's interview with Sway below.

Watch Russell's 2015 interview with Channel NewsAsia's Lin Xueling on 'Conversation With'.

The tweets he made after the show:

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