RHODurban stars in the hot seat during season 3 reunion

RHODurban stars in the hot seat during season 3 reunion

From Maria storming off in tears to Nonku's drama with her Rough Diamond - the RHOD reunion had us reaching for our popcorn. 

Annie Mthembu and JoJo Robinson
Annie Mthembu and JoJo Robinson/ Instagram (@anniemthemu, @jojorobinson)

The ladies of the 'Real Housewives of Durban' had to answer some difficult questions during part one of the season three reunion.

The highly anticipated reunion show aired on Showmax this week, and host MaBlerh left no stone unturned as he grilled the ladies about their shenanigans.

First up in the hot seat were Nonku Williams and Slindile ‘Slee’ Wendy Ndlovu, whose rocky friendship was put under a microscope.

Nonku initially introduced Slee to the group but seemed to turn on her almost immediately. 

"My only friend who brought me to the group was the one person who does not have my back," Slee said. She ended the season closer to fellow castmate Sorisha Naidoo

Nonku - wearing a pink tiara nogal - seemed unfazed by the end of their friendship and the start of a new one for Slee and Sorisha. 

"I love it for them. If it works for them, I'm happy for them. Cheers! Love it!"

Nonku wishing Slee and Sorisha's friendship well...

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Nonku Williams boyfriend

Nonku was not as comfortable talking about the end of her relationship with Dumisani Ndlazi aka Rough Diamond aka RD. 

The pair seemed madly in love on the show with RD buying her a Mercedes-AMG GLE 63 SUV after just a few months of dating.

Viewers immediately gave the relationship the side eye.

"Nonku’s new man is giving off major red flags. He’s already gifting her an entire car, so soon? He has scammer written all over him," one Twitter user wrote.

Nonku - who broke down in tears at one point - said she could not talk about RD for legal reasons and refused to confirm reports that he had scammed her. 

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Sorisha and Voetsek-gate

Viewers noticed that Sorisha had changed a lot this season and appeared more outspoken. In one scene in particular, she told Nonku and her bestie JoJo Robinson to voetsek - which means go away. 

While Sorisha laughed off the comment, Nonku said she was offended because the word voetsek is usually reserved for dogs. 

"I'd never say that to animals - ever, ever, especially my own dogs," Sorisha hit back.


There is no hope for these friends, as it was revealed that Nonku blocked Sorisha on all platforms. 

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Sane Bhengu - Queen of Denial River 

MaBlerh had Sane Bhengu talking in circles as she tried to explain what she meant when she said Annie Mthembu slept her way to the top. 

Sane infamously said on the show about Annie's relationship with her businessman husband Kgolo Mthembu: "She's supposed to look down on people. I mean, she was just a lousy PA, and then you sleep your way up there. I'd be arrogant too."

Throughout the show, Sane denied saying Annie slept her way to the top. So what did she really mean?

"Uhm, she slept her way to the top - not in that manner - but well, she is not on the top. There's a bottom and a top and she's half there. But anyway, she was working with Kgolo and then you end up being the wife," Sane told MaBlerh. 

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Maria Valaskatzis confronts her "gusband" 

Maria's friendship with her "gusband" Ruan Scheepers was another season three casualty. Ruan found himself in the middle of Maria and JoJo's drama. 

Ruan ended up spending more time with JoJo because "she lives close by" and she is "the fun friendship", while Maria was sort of a mother figure. 

But Maria viewed his actions as a betrayal. 

"For you to throw me away to make TikTok videos with this person," she said before storming off the stage in tears.

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JoJo Robinson avoids the drama... for now

JoJo managed to escape part one of the reunion fairly unscathed... but there's always part two!

Here's a snippet of what went down during the reunion. 

Drama aside, the ladies of RHOD made sure they looked their best for the reunion.

Here's a look at what they wore. 

Slee, Sorisha, Mbali and Annie

Part two of the 'Real Housewives of Durban' reunion will air on Wednesday, May 17. 

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