Republicans urge royal family to strip Prince Harry and Meghan of their titles

Republicans urge royal family to strip Prince Harry and Meghan of their titles

Meghan Markle's comments about paid parental leave did not sit will well with some Republican leaders. 

Prince Harry and Meghan Markle
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Republicans have told Meghan Markle to "stick to acting" after she voiced her opinion on paid leave for new parents. 

The Duchess of Sussex wrote an open letter detailing why she believes the US should implement a national parental leave policy. 

She sent the letter to House Speaker Nancy Pelosi and Senate Majority Leader Chuck Schumer. Meghan says the pandemic has "exposed long-existing fault lines in our communities". 

"At an alarming rate, millions of women dropped out of the workforce, staying home with their kids as schools and daycares were closed, and looking after loved ones full-time. The working mom or parent is facing the conflict of being present or being paid. The sacrifice of either comes at a great cost," she wrote. 

Meghan and her husband Prince Harry have two children together. The former actress gave birth to their daughter Lilibet Diana Mountbatten-Windsor four months ago. 

"In June, my husband and I welcomed our second child. Like any parents, we were overjoyed. Like many parents, we were overwhelmed. Like fewer parents, we weren’t confronted with the harsh reality of either spending those first few critical months with our baby or going back to work. 

"We knew we could take her home, and in that vital (and sacred) stage, devote any and everything to our kids and to our family. We knew that by doing so we wouldn’t have to make impossible choices about childcare, work, and medical care that so many have to make every single day.," Meghan wrote in her letter.

The 40-year-old, whose son Archie Harrison turned two in May, says "no family should have to choose between earning a living and having the freedom to take care of their child (or a loved one, or themselves, as we would see with a comprehensive paid leave plan)."

You can read the Duchess of Sussex's full letter on the Paid Leave for All website. 

Several Republicans, including Jason Smith, have told Markle to butt out of politics. 

"Ms. Markle's latest interference in U.S. politics reignites the question in my mind as to why the Royal Family does not simply strip her and Harry officially of their titles, particularly since she insists on sending this under the pretense of being the Duchess of Sussex,” he told the Daily Mail. 

But many social media users don't understand the fuss. Many came to Meghan's defence, saying there was nothing controversial about her letter. 

"Republicans have become so petty and childish. They have to be exterminated..... wants Meghan Markle stripped of royal title because she spoke up for paid parental leave," Twitter user @JonathanChrest1 wrote. 

Another user added: "Republicans have to chime in with their snotty remarks and put downs. They never have anything nice to say always a downer with them."

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