Proud dad? Dumisani Dlamini slammed over "clout chasing" Doja Cat post

Proud dad? Dumisani Dlamini slammed over "clout chasing" Doja Cat post

Social media users are weighing in on Doja Cat's father, Dumisani Dlamini, showing her some love on Instagram.

Dumisani Dlamini and his daughter Doja Cat
Dumisani Dlamini and his daughter Doja Cat / Instagram (@official_dumisanidlamini, @dojacat)

American rapper Doja Cat won her first-ever Grammy on Sunday and no one was prouder than her father, South African actor Dumisani Dlamini. 

The 'Sarafina!' star took to Instagram to congratulate his estranged daughter. 

"Just wanted to thank everyone who supported my child, Zandile. God bless you all," Dumisani wrote in a now-deleted post.

His post was met with a lot of side-eye, with many pointing out that he has not even seen her in real life. 

Doja Cat, whose real name is Amala Ratna Zandile Dlamini, has previously revealed that she does not really have a relationship with her father. 

She said in a 2019 interview that she has never met her father. 

"My dad’s proud of me, he's excited. He’s all over my Instagram, but what’s funny is I never met him,” she said. The 26-year-old also mentioned her father when she bumped into Whoopi Goldberg, who also starred in 'Sarafina!'. 

"Seeing and meeting you is the craziest thing… And I didn’t get to meet him but you did and damnit but that’s so cool," she told Whoopi. 

Doja Cat revealed in another interview that she did try to meet him once.

"He’s an incredible dancer and a great actor but yeah, I don’t know him very well. I guess, when I was like thirteen, I wanted to see him and then I don’t know what happened…" she told DJ Quicksilva in an interview. 

Dumisani has previously claimed that the 'Say So' hitmaker's management team has prevented him from contacting her. He met Doja Cat's mother, Deborah Sawyer, while touring America for the Broadway adaption of 'Sarafina!'. 

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Social media users accused Dumisani of being a deadbeat dad who is chasing clout now that his daughter is famous. 

"Y’all dads are for nothing good. You are just calming ur daughter now bcs she is famous," one Instagram user commented on one of Dumisani's posts. 

Former Miss South Africa Liesl Laurie wrote: "This reminds me of my dad when I won Miss SA. What. A. Damn. Mess. Wow!" 

Another person added: "You [are] an absent father. Relax, bro."

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Some social media users came to Dumisani's defence. Many saw nothing wrong with him congratulating his daughter on her music milestone. 

Others told people to mind their business. 

"Whether he have relationship or not is his child, it's not our business to judge him or say anything regarding their relationship," one Twitter user wrote. 

Dumisani also came under fire recently when he shared an event poster that listed him as Doja Cat's father. 

"Are you not embarrassed?" One Instagram user commented. 

Doja Cat wasn't the only person at the Grammys with a South African link. Black Coffee made Mzansi proud when he won a Grammy for 'Best Dance/Electronic Album'.

South African comedian Trevor Noah hosted the Grammys for the second year in a row.


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