Pam Andrews gets real about her past mistakes

Pam Andrews gets real about her past mistakes

The actress reveals that she was once so obsessed with attention that she did anything to get it, including being rude, loud, and wearing crazy outfits. 

Rhythm City actress Pam Andrews
South African actress Pam Andrews/ Instagram (@pamandrews_)

South African actress Pam Andrews is opening up about her crazy past.  

The former 'Rhythm City' actress currently lives in London with her son CJ. Before moving to the UK, she was known for her bubbly, tell-it-like-it-is personality. 

Pam often courted controversy by wearing barely-there outfits on the red carpet. Looking back, Pam says most of her over-the-top behaviour was due to attention seeking. 

"I wanted to be the centre of attention. Wherever I went I wanted everyone to look at me, and I made sure that everyone was looking at me, you know. I was loud, I would wear these obnoxious clothes. I was wearing these crazy outfits,” she said in a video shared on social media. 

The video was originally shared on Pam's YouTube channel in 2023, but it has since resurfaced on TikTok, with several publications picking up on the story. 

Pam added: "I was wearing very short skirts... Everywhere I went, I made it a mission that I was going to get attention even if I went to the shop to buy food. 'Everyone look at me, I am here. Please stare at me.' So stupid, but at the time that was what was making me happy.”

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Pam gained nationwide fame when she entered a singing competition called Coca-Cola Popstars in her teens and became a member of the winning group, 101. She later quit the group and ventured into acting. 

She admits that she made a lot of mistakes in her late teens and twenties, including drinking and clubbing too much. 

“I made so many stupid mistakes and for some reason, I was a very rude person... I was on my own from the age of 17 when I won the singing competition... I was a teenager, I had money, I was famous, I was living in a different city from my parents. I was basically living my best life at that point," she said.

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She is a changed woman now, and living a much quieter life abroad. She credits therapy with helping her to overcome her challenges.

“Today we are working through things with therapy. That was probably a lot of childhood sh*t that I hadn't dealt with. I was looking for validation from other people.”

Warning: The following video contains strong language.

@mobie888 Pam Andrews reflecting on her life, now that she's turning 40. #pamandrews ♬ original sound - Mobie


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Main image credit: Instagram/@pamandrews_

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