Megan Fox claps back at criticism about her "unrecognisable" face

Megan Fox claps back at criticism about her "unrecognisable" face

What did Megan Fox do to her face? Social media users have accused the star of going under the knife...

Megan Fox wearing a red  hair
Megan Fox/ Instagram (Megan Fox, Joe Oravec)

Megan is blaming a "shadowy cellphone pic" for the way she looks in an unflattering picture that went viral this week. 

The 'Jennifer's Body' actress was spotted at a Super Bowl after party with her on-again boyfriend, Machine Gun Kelly

They bumped into Taylor Swift and her partner, Kansas City Chiefs star Travis Kelce. The foursome posed for a picture together.

That image, which was shared on Joe Oravec's Instagram page, has since been blasted all around the world and not just because of the famous people in it. Many were more concerned with how Megan looked. 

"Ain’t no way that’s Megan Fox," one X (Twitter) user wrote. Another user added: "That’s Megan Fox ??? Ohhh Lord, she done fell victim to the plastic surgery gang."

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Megan took to Instagram on Wednesday to clap back at the criticism. 

"Oh my God guys look how different I… don't look at all. Turns out it was just a shadowy cell phone pic of me looking like a Ukrainian blowup doll. when in REALITY I look like one of those super expensive silicone real s*x dolls you can only get in Japan," the 37-year-old wrote. 

Her post only seemed to make things worse. Not only did some double down on the plastic surgery accusations, but others called her out for insulting Ukrainian women.

"It's very rude of you to speak like that about Ukrainian women, that's how you showed yourself," one woman wrote.

Another women commented: "I don't belong to Ukraine but that pretty low thing to say specially considering you are [a] woman yourself and a mother."

Many of the Megan's followers told her she was starting to morph into Kim Kardashian. 

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Main image credit: Instagram/Megan Fox, Joe Oravec

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