Lira's health update: "I can still sing"

South African songbird is back in action!

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'Feel Good' hitmaker, Lira, is recovering well. 

The singer has shared her latest health update, and the good news is that she is recovering well. 

She took to Instagram to let her fans know that even though her health took a knock, she is ready to perform again. 

Lira shared a video of herself in rehearsal with her band. 

She sounds amazing!

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She said although her speech is not fully restored, she can still sing. 

"During rehearsal of Return to Me, featuring @mycsoweto. Speech challenging but I can still sing. #ThrowBackFriday," she wrote on Instagram. 

Watch the video below. 

Lira got hospitalized in April after suffering a stroke. 

The stroke happened while she was in Germany for a performance. 

At the time, her family said it was unlikely that she would perform any time soon. 

"Lira recently travelled to Germany for a performance but unfortunately suffered a stroke while there. As a result, her ability to communicate, in particular her speech, has been impacted. Lira is back in South Africa undergoing treatment led by “the best medical team available” but will not be able to perform until she heals. Her medical team has advised that her journey to recovery will require patience and therefore it is unlikely that she will be able to perform in the short term," read the family statement. 

In June, she announced that her speech was back. 

"Yesterday marked 3 months since I had a stroke. I’ve made such awesome progress- I’m proud of myself and I give thanks to God. Your prayers have been massively appreciated. I can talk now, although I need a little patience. I can read and I can write. 

So much love for me, makes me emotional. I am doing so well," she wrote.

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