Lira shares aphasia diagnosis information after stroke

Lira shares aphasia diagnosis information after stroke

Lira is opening up about her aphasia diagnosis. 

Singer Lira
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It's been six months since Lira suffered a stroke and the star is remaining positive despite the health scare preventing her from doing what she loves best - singing. 

The 43-year-old was hospitalised in April after suffering a stroke during a trip to Germany. Her speech was impacted and she has been unable to perform ever since. 

Lira has revealed that she was diagnosed with aphasia  - a language disorder caused by trauma to the brain. 

"Can you believe it’s been 6 months - how time flies," she wrote while opening up about the condition. The 'Feel Good' singer shared a screenshot with 'quick facts" about aphasia.

The facts revealed that the condition not only affects the production and comprehension of speech, but it can also "impair a person's ability to read and/or write". 

Lira also shared another slide with information about dysphasia - which is also associated with speech impairment. 

According to the UK's Stroke Association, "aphasia is the medical term for full loss of language, while dysphasia stands for partial loss of language. The word aphasia is now commonly used to describe both conditions". 

Lira says the slides she shared about aphasia and dysphasia describe where she used to be on her health journey. 

"The second and third frame is where I used to be at! I am feeling like myself yet. I’m still on my recovery journey. It’s going to take some time- but it’s reversible! This process has been fascinating for me and although it’s quite challenging at times, I am happy," she wrote. 

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While she is unable to hold any shows, Lira has been out and about. She attended Tamara Dey's launch party for her new single, 'Disco Therapy'. 

Videos from the event showed Lira dancing the night away with stars such as Sylvester Falata and Pabi Moloi. Lira has thanked her friends, family, and fans for supporting her through her health journey.

"Just to be alive each day is a blessing. To be among friends and loved ones is a precious gift. Many of you have been rooting for me and your support has meant the world to me!" she said on Instagram. 

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Main image credit: Instagram/@miss_lira

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