Lee Thompson set to reveal the real reason behind his split from Gina Myers

Lee Thompson set to reveal the real reason behind his split from Gina Myers

'The Bachelor SA' star Lee Thompson is getting ready to spill the beans on what really went down on season one of the show.

Lee Thompson 'The Bachelor SA'
The Bachelor SA's Lee Thompson / Instagram

Lee Thompson is ready to tell his story. The former 'The Bachelor SA' star will be releasing a tell-all-book titled, 'The Truth Behind The Final Rose'. 

The book, which will be released in October, promises to reveal some spicy details about what happened behind the scenes on the show. 

During the final rose ceremony, Lee picked make-up artist Gina Myers over Jozaan Digue. But by the time the final episode hit our TV screens, the couple had already called it quits. 

"In my book you’ll find out why Gina and I really broke up and why I felt that I made the wrong choice choosing her over Jozaan," Lee wrote on Instagram. 

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Lee previously told Channel24 that the final day of filming almost didn't happen!

He also said that one of the reasons why he didn't pick Jozaan was because he didn't want to do a long-distance relationship. 

But he admitted that the final decision was hard to make.

"That morning of the final day. I struggled to sleep that night. I was going through so many different thoughts, thinking about our dates and times we've spent together. I wanted to make the right decision, and it was difficult," he told the publication

Jozaan has since moved on and found love in the arms of an attorney named Steph. 

"Omg I love this," Gina commented on one of Jozaan and Steph's pictures. 

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