Lee Thompson shaved his beard and looks like a whole new person

Lee Thompson shaved his beard and looks like a whole new person

Uhm, Lee, is that you? 'The Bachelor SA' hunk looks 10 years younger after saying goodbye to his beard! 

'The Bachelor SA' Lee Thompson
Lee Thompson/ Instagram

Lee Thompson caused a stir on social media this week after debuting a new look.

'The Bachelor SA' season one star took to Instagram to show off his clean-shaven face. After years of sporting a short-stubble beard - which has been voted as the sexiest beard in SA - Lee decided to take it all off.

"First clean shave in years. How to get from 31 to 21 in under 5 minutes," he captioned the image. 

While many women told the model he looked equally handsome without a beard, some of his followers disagreed.

"Beard back please," one woman wrote. 

Another added: "Sorry but you looked better with the beard, now you look too young."


Lee did not take offence and laughed off Team Beard's demands for him to grow back his manly fuzz. 

"Lol, I see you all prefer the [beard]. I only shave when I have to for a modeling gig," he wrote. 

Lee before turning into a handsome version of, uhm, as one follower wrote, Lord Farquaad: 

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Lee after turning into a baby-faced assassin: 

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