Katy Perry and Thomas Rhett release new music video

Katy Perry and Thomas Rhett release music video for 'Where We Started'

Katy Perry and Thomas Rhett encourage those couples who are about to give up to look back at where they started..

Katy Perry and Thomas Rhett
Katy Perry and Thomas Rhett / YouTube screenshot

Thomas Rhett and Katy Perry gave their fans one of the best collaboration of 2022 when they released 'Where We Started' in April. 

On Tuesday, they released the much-anticipated music video for the song. 

Speaking about the music video in a press release, Thomas said how special it was to work with Katy.

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 "Working with Katy has been a really collaborative process," he said in a statement. 

"From tracking the song in the studio, to performing on it American Idol, to this video - her input has made this whole experience really special for me."

Katy added how she also enjoyed working on the song. 

"I loved being able to create a dreamy world for 'Where We Started,' going back to the Nashville singer-songwriter roots of where I started," she said in the same release. 

The music video shows the two artists seated in separate rooms fitted with sheets. Katy wears a white dress while singing and playing a guitar. Thomas, on the other hand, is seen wearing a double denim outfit. Towards the end of the video, the two of them come together. 

The song and music video have received great reviews. 

"Katy and Thomas made a real work of art. Katy singing country is something that I never thought would look so great. Her voices connect too well with the instrumental and she transmits an inner peace when listening to her, and the video is pure art," wrote YouTube user, Shadow Cervu. 

Another user wrote: "This song touches my heart. Flashbacks running through my head looking at how far we’ve been together. It started with doubt of a brokenhearted, now looking bad all those beautiful history we’ve had for 3 years and counting. Hope for more future together."

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