Jessica Nkosi cops shade over second pregnancy

Jessica Nkosi cops shade over second pregnancy

"You are pregnant again?" - Jessica Nkosi is less than impressed with some people's reaction to her maternity pictures.

Jessica Nkosi
Jessicca Nkosi/ Instagram (@jessicankosi)

Jessica Nkosi took to Instagram this week to share pictures of her growing baby bump, but instead of sending messages of congratulations, some people decided to be a little bit shady.

The actress, who confirmed that she is pregnant with her second in February, was dressed in a pair of black leggings, a polar neck top, and Louis Vuitton's "pool pillow flat comfort mulese". 

Stars such as Mihlali Ndamase, Liesl Laurie, Simphiwe Ngema, Boity, and Mpoomy Ledwaba flooded the comments section with heart-eye emojis. Jessica's husband, Ntokozo ‘TK’ Dlamini, also showed her some love.

Dr Musa Mthombeni joked: "Personally I think Musa is a great name for isecond born. I’m just saying." 

But some people were not so kind. It seems some people were shocked that Jessica is pregnant again

"People who say... 'You pregnant again?' Excuse me ... my last pregnancy was in 2018, it's 2023! Are you kidding me!! Stop it, please. Acting as if I've been pregnant every year since, and even if I was, so what?" Jessica wrote on her Instagram Story. 

The media personality also clapped back at people who thought she was pregnant for too long.

"Or people who say... 'Hawu you still pregnant'. Ya sure it's odd that I'm pregnant for 9 months. Regular people give birth in a month. I'm sorry!!!! Next time I'll make sure to give birth quickly - just for you."

Jessica added in a separate story that these types of comments are the reason why she is reluctant to post pictures. 

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Some people even stirred up controversy by praising Jessica for being pregnant while married. 

"There's nothing more beautiful than being pregnant and married. No stress," one woman commented. Another added: "A pregnant married woman, the God way is the good way...."

Some women took offence to the remarks and debated the issue in the comments. 

"What's marriage? How is it important coz in my view it's just self-imprisonment. Many of you 'the married women' are miserable in those marriages," one user wrote.  

But another woman shot back: "It is not the marriage that is miserable it is the person you choose to marry that makes it miserable. There are couples who have been married for over twenty years it is possible wth the right one.

Eish, can people not just say congratulations and move on?! 

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Jessica's fans might have to wait a long time before she posts more pictures of her baby bump. The star is fed up with people's unwarranted comments. 

“This is why I end up not posting or removing the comment section [cause] there's just a few people that will just irritate me. And I know I shouldn't be entertaining them but yoh, sometimes nje...” she wrote.

Jessica Nkosi Instagram Story Pregnancy .png
Screenshot of Jessica Nkosi's Instagram Story/@jessicankosi

Main image credit: Instagram/@jessicankosi

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