Jack Harlow celebrates being #1 on Billboard Hot 100

Jack Harlow celebrates being #1 on Billboard Hot 100

His latest single, 'First Class'. is taking the world by storm and has just been announced as #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. 

Jack Harlow / Instagram
Jack Harlow / Instagram

Jack Harlow is celebrating the success of his latest single, 'First Class'. 

The singer took to Instagram to share that the single is occupying the #1 spot on the Billboard Hot 100 chart. 

"Nobody wants it as bad as we want it," he captioned the post. 

The chart-topping single comes from Harlow's upcoming second studio album, 'Come Home the Kids Miss You'. 

It is currently trending in the top ten on YouTube. 

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The official visualiser video was released on the streaming platform on April 8 and has over 10-million streams. 

So far, the star has released two singles from his upcoming album, 'First Class' and 'Nail Tech'. 

The 'Nail Tech' single is also doing well, with over 24-millions views since its release in February. 

Judging from the two singles, the full album will be a hit. 

It is scheduled for release on 6 May 2022. 

The Hip Hop heavyweight, as described by Forbes, started his music career by posting his original songs on YouTube and his first mixtape, 'Finally Handsome', was released to SoundCloud. 

In 2015, he released 'The Handsome Harlow' EP. 

Although he has been in the game for a few years now, he told Forbes: "This year I'm showing the world who I am". 

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Image courtesy of Instagram.

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