DYK: Here's why Jack Harlow's amazing "First Class" hit sounds a little familiar!

DYK: Here's why Jack Harlow's amazing "First Class" hit sounds a little familiar!

The sexy tune that has been stuck in our heads all week... and there's something familiar that could explain it!

Jack Harlow's song "First class" i
Jack Harlow's song "First class" is hitting the charts / Jack Harlow YouTube

The hot new internet sensation, Jack Harlow, has just released this new clever single titled "First Class". 

After months of teasing this song on social platforms such as TikTok and Instagram, this is a song that we can't get out of our heads. 

Put your seatbelts on because you're in for a "first class" ride...

Listen to this hot, glamorous single below:

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Jack Harlow is a young, American rapper from Kentucky, USA. 

With his new song, he is currently battling off stiff competition like Harry Styles for the UK number one single this week. 

What started off as a 12 year old kid using a guitar hero mic to record songs on his laptop has turned into an inspiring artist who makes songs that we can listen to all day long. #Facts

So. what is so interesting about the song First Class?

This earworm of a song was sampled from Fergie's smash hit, "Glamorous". But did you also know that "Glamorous" sampled Raheem the Dream's, "If You Ain't Got No Money"? This is why we love music trivia!

Integrating some of the sensational lyrics, but of course adding a modern twist, has made this song so eccentric. 

Sampling is very common in the music industry. It's when an artist uses part of a song, melody or chorus and uses it in a new version. 

Check out this mind blowing TED Talk on music sampling by Mark Ronson. Did you know that a huge Miley Cyrus single was actually a sample from Doug E. Fresh and Slick Rick track?

Listen to the original track by Fergie below:

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The feedback from fans has been totally unreal. Every platform you go to, within the first few scrolls, this glamorous song comes on. 

Be careful though, once it sinks into your mind, it's not going anywhere - just like in ours!

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