'I am scared of my country': SK Khoza gets real about mental health

'I am scared of my country': SK Khoza gets real about mental health

"I don’t remember a single thing of those videos, that scares me," says SK Khoza after "disturbing" viral footage. 

SK Khoza
SK Khoza/ Instagram (@skcoza), Facebook/Sipho Ngwema

SK Khoza is getting real about his mental health struggles. 

The actor's professional and personal life has been plagued with controversy over the past year. SK made headlines in April after a video of him involved in an altercation outside of a lodge went viral. 

'The Queen' star hurled insults at a man while behaving in an aggressive manner. Social media users questioned if he was under the influence or depressed. SK denied he was doing drugs. 

Another video showed the barefoot star screaming profanities at a liquor store security guard.

He addressed the clips during an interview with businessman TT Mbha's on his Instagram Live Show, 'Ama-Tyma Wellness Check-in'. 

SK says he doesn't "remember a single thing of those videos".

"That scares me," he told TT.  The actor added that he was surprised that his viral lodge video was all South Africans could talk about despite Black Coffee making history by winning a Grammy.

“I think about that day and I think about the fact that more than anything I felt bad for Black Coffee. We just won a Grammy. South Africa just won a Grammy Award, but all that South Africa is talking about is SK wilding out. Do people understand that a Grammy is something even me as an actor, I would kill for?” he said.  

The 35-year-old says he didn't recognise himself when he watched the viral videos. He did, however, slam social media users who seem to enjoy other people's misery. 

"I am not heavily religious.... but we need a miracle... I am scared of my country. We love to drag somebody," SK said.

He used a quote from the late Shona Ferguson to highlight the effectiveness of negativity. 

"Uncle Sho said, ‘A negative mind can never have a positive life.’... Correct me if I’m wrong, and I am not saying this is how people are, but my perception is we all have problems, whether it's money, love, religion, family, financial... some sort of a problem, everybody has. But if your heart is not pure, you use Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram so as soon as SK goes through s**t, you trying to get your answers through me by being nasty towards me." 

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SK also revealed that he is currently dealing with some personal issues. 

“There’s a very tough journey that I am obviously not allowed to talk about that I am currently going through. It's one of the hardest things I am currently going through in my life and with that said, as hard as it is and as tough as I am as a man -  because I am built out of steel - I don’t have the balls to take my life.”

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