Haibo! Julius Malema shows off his dance moves
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Haibo! Julius Malema shows off his dance moves

Julius Malema has shown off his dance moves proving that he's more than just a South African politician. 

Julius Malema dances / Twitter
Julius Malema dances / Twitter

One would think that EFF President Julius Malema is busy campaigning for votes for the upcoming elections, but it seems that he also has a bit of time on his hands to put on his dancing shoes. 

Zindzi Mandela, the daughter of the late Nelson Mandela, took to her Twitter recently to share a video of Malema dancing to DJ Sumbody’s famous hit, 'Monate Mpolaye'.

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"It is alleged that you have Tata's dance moves. LOL @Julius_S_Malema," she captioned her video.

Eighty thousand views later, and the Twittersphere is still exploding with responses over his moves. 

Break it down! 

Watch below:

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