'Grey's Anatomy' reveals why it scrapped Meredith's 'scientist lover' plot

'Grey's Anatomy' reveals why it scrapped Meredith's 'scientist lover' plot

Here's why 'Grey's Anatomy' bosses pulled the plug on Meredith's love story with a scientist. 

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Popular 'Grey's Anatomy' character Meredith Grey (played by Ellen Pompeo) almost fell for a European scientist. 

Potential season 14 and 15 spoiler alert ahead! 

Executive producer Krista Vernoff has revealed that before exploring Meredith's storyline with Andrew DeLuca in season 15, writers considered a different love interest.

But the character had to be scrapped after a TV journalist learned about the potential plot.

"[TVLine’s] Michael Ausiello found out that we were casting a European scientist as a potential love interest for Meredith.  When that got leaked, I went into the writers’ room and said, ‘That’s not interesting to me anymore. What else could this character be?’” Krista told Entertainment Weekly.

Instead of exploring the scientist angle in season 14, writers ditched the love story altogether. 

"That character became Marie Cerone, the old friend of Meredith’s mom. It was a much more interesting story than some temporary love interest. We changed it because we wanted to thwart expectations," Krista added. 

Meredith eventually got her love story, which began at the end of season 14 when a drunk Andrew kissed her. Fast forward to the end of season 15 and the pair have already exchanged "I love yous".

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