Sanele Chetty? 'NCIS: LA' leaves SA confused with weird local names

Sanele Chetty? 'NCIS: LA' leaves SA confused with weird local names

No research necessary! 'NCIS: LA' writers name a character 'Sanele Chetty' - and he's a white man from 'Pretoria, Limpopo'!

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A recent episode which aired in South Africa of 'NCIS: Los Angeles' featured a group of bad guys from Mzansi - with some less than common name combinations.

During the two-part episode titled 'Smokescreen',  the NCIS team partners with the FBI to prevent an imminent terrorist attack.  

They ultimately fail to stop a fatal bombing at an LA cinema and have to hunt down those responsible.

They soon learn that the attack was a "smokescreen" created by a special ops ex-militia team to help free a South African arms dealer in NCIS custody. 

A white man from the militia group is named Sanele Chetty. Another character is called Dingane Naidoo.

Not only did the writers seemingly choose random names for the men, but they also got their birthplaces mixed up.

According to Sanele Chetty's information, he was born in 'Pretoria, Limpopo'.

Twitter users could not stop laughing after watching the episode.

"Americans have zero respect for everything that comes out of Africa," one Twitter user teased.

Another added: "I am dead! White Sanele Chetty from Pretoria. The rainbow nation we’ve been waiting for."

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