'Generations' star Zola Nombona launches size-inclusive shapewear range

'Generations' star Zola Nombona launches size-inclusive shapewear range

Move over Kim Kardashian, there's a new shapewear queen in town. 

'Generations' star Zola Nombona
Zola Nombona / Instagram (@lxvelove_)

Actress Zola Nombona is adding entrepreneur to her resume. The 'Generations: The Legacy' star just launched her very own shapewear line, LXVE. 

The actress is following the footsteps of stars such as Kim Kardashian and Thando Thabethe, who both have their own shapewear ranges.

Kim's SKIMS line is worth a whopping $3.2-billion, which speaks to the popularity of shapewear in women's wardrobes. 

Zola is hoping to get her share of the local market with a shapewear line for women of all sizes. 

"We're a movement that celebrates bodies in all shapes and sizes while prioritising good quality, great functionality and comfort," the 30-year-old says about her brand.

Zola also shared a picture of women with different body shapes wearing her new line. 

"Ndinyembezana looking at this picture as it means so much to me. It’s a physical manifestation of my dreams, hard work, falling, getting up, fighting and perseverance. This is LOVE. Today I am happy. I can finally introduce you guys to this dream of mine that I have worked so hard to make a reality," she wrote. 

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American singer Lizzo also announced recently that she will be launching a size-inclusive shapewear line

The 'Rumours' hitmaker said her YITTY line "is a love letter to my big grrrls". Lizzo has been body-shamed several times in the past, but refuses to let her haters dictate what she can and cannot wear. 

"This is *not* an invitation to change who you are… this is an opportunity to BE who you are on your terms. I don’t know about y’all— but I’m sick of people telling me how I’m supposed to look and feel about my body," she wrote on Instagram. 

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