Floyd Mayweather paid the taxman a whopping R343-million

Floyd Mayweather paid the taxman a whopping R343-million

If this is what Floyd Mayweather owed the taxman while he is retired, imagine what he was paying before then...

Floyd Mayweather sitting in a car with a suitcase full of money
Floyd Mayweather/ Instagram (@floydmayweather)

Former professional boxer Floyd Mayweather has revealed the staggering amount he recently had to pay the taxman. 

The boxing legend took to Instagram to share a picture of a cheque he signed for $18,047,181 (R343-million).

"Just before I paid that light million and change for that little Super Bowl stuff, I had to pay the IRS aka Uncle Sam $18,047,181. This is what I owed in taxes while I’m retired so just imagine what I was paying when I was activated," he wrote. 

Floyd doesn't seem too fazed about paying the gigantic tax bill. According to Forbes, Floyd has a net worth of $285-million. 

"You can call him whatever you want but you can’t call him broke," one Instagram user wrote.

Another added: "I hate when celebs do this. What is this supposed to mean to us? And how does it impact our world?"

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A few days before signing his IRS cheque, Floyd spent over $1-million (R18-million) on a Super Bowl suite. 

He once again took to Instagram to provide receipts for his 29-million followers. 

"I don’t kiss ass and I never have to beg for nothing especially not to get a Super Bowl suite. I don’t mind accepting invites at times, but one things for sure...The person that’s paying does all the saying. Therefore I get My Own seats and suites so I can do what I want and invite who I want! I’m blessed to be taking 34 people to experience the 1st Super Bowl in Las Vegas! $1,131,000.00" he wrote. 

The Super Bowl is taking place on Sunday, February 11. R&B legend Usher is this year's headline performer

Suites for the game reportedly cost as much as $2.5-million each! 

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Main image credit: Instagram/@floydmayweather

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