Fake 'woke'? AKA unimpressed with keyboard activists

Fake 'woke'? AKA unimpressed with keyboard activists

Less talking, more action! AKA calls out "woke" Twitter users who complain online but do nothing.

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AKA recently made headlines for a generous donation he made to Wits students. But it seems no good deed goes unpunished.

The 'Fela in Versace' rapper came under fire on Twitter this week after a user claimed his R100,000 donation was just a publicity stunt. 

"These days, AKA really feels like an activist. And we allowed that. Witsies hyped him when he donated a 100K in a huge publicity stunt that made him look like a good person when in reality, it did nothing for our cause for free education and did everything to boost his ego," a Twitter user wrote. 

The tweep added that AKA should have should have met with student leaders before making the donation to find out how best he could help. The rapper quickly hit back.

"I had the endorsement of the LEADERSHIP of the democratically elected SRC at WITS ... i did what I did standing NEXT to the PRESIDENT of the SRC. So which leadership are you referring to, and since you have so much to say ... who do YOU represent? And at what level?" he replied. 

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AKA explained that he wanted his donation to have a ripple effect.

"The aim was to inspire others in my position and leaders in our own communities to do the same ... or to at least do something. If you want to blame me for not fixing the issue of free education for all ... I’ll take it," Supa Mega added.

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AKA tried to reason with the Twitter user but could see he was not winning and decided to end the conversation. 

"Hayi no ... let me crawl back into the shadows. I feared this is what would happen. People are never satisfied. I will try and help in my own little way from now on," he tweeted.

The exchange got the rapper thinking about how some "woke" South Africans are constantly bashing people online but taking little action in real life. 

He used the recent discussions about domestic violence in the wake of the Mampintsha-Babes Wodumo viral video as an example.

"Forget women speaking out and marching and s**t .... when it comes to domestic violence ... what can women do? Nothing. It’s MEN who have to unite to protect our women and children. After all, we are the perpetrators."

He added in a separate tweet: "If y’all so outraged why don’t you get up off your asses, go March to radio stations, go to musica’s ... go to RISA and demand they take this animal’s music off the playlist, off the shelves, off the TV ... but no ... you want to tweet and sound woke and s**t."

Twitter users hit back, telling the rapper to chill.

It looks like keyboard warriors will live to fight another day - online only of course! 

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