Dj Zinhle gets attacked on social media for how she chose to mourn the death of AKA

Dj Zinhle gets attacked on social media for how she chose to mourn the death of AKA

Many people on social media seem to have strict rules when it comes to how one should mourn because they were not having it with how DJ Zinhle chose to mourn for the father of her child - AKA.

Dj Zinhle

AKA's tragic passing has brought about so many different conversations on social media streets, one being the manner in which DJ Zinhle decided to deal with his passing.

Many social media users have been outraged and angered by Zinhle's manner of mourning.

After the sad news of the passing of the Jika hitmaker, Zinhle took to social media to post a heartfelt message expressing how she truly felt.

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DJ Zinhle tweet

After her tributary message dedicated to the late father of her daughter, many people started attacking her claiming that she was now married to another man and should not be expressing so much emotion towards another man even if he has passed on.

Some even brought culture into it stating that her actions were against African beliefs and should not be condoned or normalized.

Zinhle also received backlash for sitting in the front row during the memorial raising judgement by people who questioned why she sat infront.

Despite Zinhle not paying mind to all the negative talk in town, many people started to bring the name of her husband (Murdah Bongs - also known as Bongani Mahosana) into this conversation questioning how he felt about this.

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As much as, there have been many negative statements made towards Zinhle, there have also been many positive, encouraging statements around this situation.

Quite a number of people condoned and applauded Zinhle's actions saying they were a reflection of maturity and high regard for the deceased as they share a child together.

She received a great deal of support commending her strength and ability to express her feelings while helping her daughter process the pain of losing a dad at a young age.

Watch the video of DJ Zinhle as she comforts her daughter during AKA's funeral
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Losing someone can be extremely painful and DJ Zinhle dealt with the situation as best as she knew, moving forward, she has shown that she will be able to help her daughter through this entire situation.


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