DJ Zinhle claps back at trolls mocking her daughter Kairo

DJ Zinhle claps back at trolls mocking her daughter Kairo

AKA, DJ Zinhle, Kairo Forbes, and her dog Kleo were all trending on Twitter - and it all started with one innocent tweet. 

DJ Zinhle and Kairo Forbes
DJ Zinhle and Kairo/ Instagram

DJ Zinhle came out guns blazing on Monday to defend her daughter, Kairo Forbes, against internet trolls. 

The 36-year-old made it clear that she would not tolerate anyone bullying her child. 

The drama started when AKA - Zinhle's ex-boyfriend and Kairo's father - hopped onto Twitter to do what he does best - stir up some drama.

But this time, the 'Congratulate' hitmaker didn't have to do much to get people hot under the collar. 

He simply tweeted: "Everybody is going to try and do their own app now. Mark my words."

While the tweet was a tiny bit shady, it was mild in comparison to some of the posts we are used to seeing from the musician - who last month launched his very own subscription app called AKA TV

Enter AKA's haters to stir the pot. 

One Twitter user replied to AKA's tweet by referring to his use of autotune.

"Just like you, when you tried the auto tune thing," the tweep wrote. 

Tried? As one AKA fan put it, "Mega made autotune fashionable in Mzansi".

But AKA did not need anyone defending him, because he was locked and loaded with a spicey clapback.

"Kairo is 10x richer than you and she can neither read nor write," he replied. 

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And that is when things turned ugly. 

Other tweeps chimed in, and shamelessly took shots at Kairo - who is four by the way. 

"Almost 5 years she can't read? No wonder her dad failed autotune. The entire clan is slow," one Twitter user wrote. 

Another added: "Lol Kairo is rich because of her mom's hard work nothing to do with dead beat father who brags about the child they don't play role in. Tsek." 

Talk about low blows. 

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AKA was seemingly unfazed by all the hate being thrown his way, and instead egged his haters on. 

"Like come on guys. Please, I need the REAL ugly stuff. Not these play-play insults. Not even a coloured this or coloured that nyana something? Smh ... I’m a disappointed fan," he tweeted.


He asked for more and they gave him more....

One Twitter user wrote: "Kairo looks like she could be Nicole Nyaba’s daughter."

Another added: "Am still wondering why Kairo looks like Da’les." 

Even Kairo's dog Kleo - whose Instagram bio states she is a "Biro Yorkie Influencer with a huge ego" - got dragged into the mess.

AKA shared a picture of Kleo relaxing her tiny little Yorkie head on a Louis Vuitton bag.

"#KleoForbes shi**in’ on you," the rapper captioned the image. 

He added in another post: "#KleoForbes is the richest Dog in the country."

Boity's dog Asante Thulo - who is the 'Blue Ivy of Dogs' - would disagree, but we are not about to start a dog war on Twitter.

One person who was not enjoying the drama was Kairo's mother DJ Zinhle.

She slammed several Twitter user for their nasty comments - including those who insinuated that rapper Da L.E.S was Kairo's real father. 

"You guys go too far yaz..." she tweeted. 

Zinhle added in a separate tweet: "How low can you be to think it's okay to attack a 4-year-old child? It is not okay... I don't care who did what, leave my child alone."

She shared several tweets on the matter but to sum it all up - her daughter is off-limits and "if you have a problem with Kairo's father, take it up with him"  but leave Kairo out of it! 

AKA, DJ ZInhle, Kairo and Kleo Forbes all trended on Twitter - basically, the whole blended family! Even AKA's new girlfriend got a mention on Twitter.

The drama ended with AKA having the last laugh. 

"The Dad, the Mom, the Kid and the DOG alll trended. Let that sink in."

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