Prince Kaybee urges his fans not to buy booze

Prince Kaybee urges his fans not to buy booze

"DON'T buy the alcohol, we need every cent," Prince Kaybee wrote on Twitter.

Prince Kaybee
Prince Kaybee/ Instagram

Prince Kaybee sparked a major debate on Twitter this week when he called on his Twitter followers not to buy alcohol.

He made the plea on the day South Africa lifted its ban on alcohol sales during the lockdown.

Twitter users slammed his "don't buy alcohol" post, with many saying that people who drink responsibly should be able to but whatever alcohol they like. 

"People be telling others what to do with their money. Annoying as hell nxa!" one Twitter user wrote. 

Some Twitters users reminded Prince Kaybee that the alcohol industry employs many people.

"I don't drink so I'm not affected, but what happens to the thousands of people that SAB employs? The last time I checked it was +9k. I mean unemployment in SA is already at its peak," a man wrote. 

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Some Twitter users told Prince Kaybee alcohol is a big part of the entertainment industry and it is readily available at parties, events, and gigs.

But Prince Kaybee dismissed any suggestion that alcohol made him who he is today. 

"I’m fully aware of my benefit from the alcohol economy as a DJ, but to say “alcohol made me” is a reach. I have a right to be concerned about the safety of people that support my music. You can replace profits lost from not selling alcohol but human lives cannot be replaced," he tweeted. 

He added that he was not afraid to say things that other people were scared to.

"... judge me for it no problem but there’s no prime issue that can be discussed and everyone agrees, that's why I’m glad to engage because I’m bold enough and welcome offended people."

Despite his explanation, many Twitter users were not impressed. 

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