DJ Khaled gives Trevor Noah a peek inside his 'World of Positivity'

DJ Khaled gives Trevor Noah a peek inside his 'World of Positivity'

DJ Khaled shared some bizarre advice with comedian Trevor Noah on how to be happy.

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DJ Khaled is known for dishing out words of wisdom on social media, and he had a few interesting tips on how South African comedian Trevor Noah can be happy.

'The One' hitmaker visited 'The Daily Show' studios recently to record a funny video.

The footage featured on a segment of the show, and it was such a hit producers decided to share it on social media. 

In the clip, Noah finds himself in Khaled's 'World of Positivity', where the DJ teaches him "how to be optimistic in a world filled with depressing headlines". 

The pair can be seen riding an animated cheetah, which is moving unusually slow. 

"Trevor, this has got to be the slowest cheetah that ever lived. He's slow but he is not unhappy. Every cheetah lives its own truth at whatever speed," DJ Khaled says "wisely". 

At one point DJ Khaled and Trevor are also seen riding a unicorn, while feeding a butterfly an apple.

Some of their hilarious exchanges include: 

"Hey, Khaled. What does this jet ski symbolise?"
"Easy, it symbolises a jet ski"."

Check out what other advice he dishes out below.

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