Dineo Ranaka diagnosed with severe chronic depression

Dineo Ranaka diagnosed with severe chronic depression

Dineo says she has been a "high-functioning person with depression".

Dineo Ranaka
Dineo Ranaka/Instagram (@dineoranaka)

Dineo Ranaka is back on social media after taking a break to deal with a mental health crisis. 

The 39-year-old opened up about her suicidal thoughts in worrying posts she shared in May. She was reportedly admitted to a mental wellness clinic shortly after. 

"For the calls, the texts, the prayers, the well wishes… THANK YOU! I’ve recently been diagnosed with Severe Chronic Depression," she wrote on Instagram on Friday. 

The media personality added that she feels like she needs to re-introduce herself.

"I’ve been a high-functioning person with depression. And this is dangerous! VERY DANGEROUS! I’ve been physically sick. REALLY physically sick. I’ve suspected myself to not be well for a bit over two months now. And eventually, I know why!"

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Are you suffering from depression? You can contact the following organisations for support: 

  • Suicide Crisis Line: 0800 567 567.
  • Cipla Mental Health Line: 0800 4567 789 or WhatsApp 076 88 22 775. 
  • Destiny Helpline for Youth & Students: 0800 41 42 43.
  • ADHD Helpline: 0800 55 44 33.
  • Department of Social Development Substance Abuse Line 24hr helpline: 0800 12 13 14 or SMS 32312.

Dineo added that she feels relieved to finally know what has been making her feel physically and mentally ill.

"My symptoms have been in-sleep seizures, trouble waking up, trouble controlling my bladder, confusion, thoughts of harming myself, trouble with energy to do anything, and meaningful deep empathy/sympathy with those that have taken their lives.

"At the end of it all… I am here now. Trying to learn how to move forward without thinking I’m a fraud," she wrote. 

Dineo first opened about her mental health struggles in early 2023, revealing that she has been dealing with anxiety

But no one could have imagined that she was having suicidal thoughts. Dineo confessed that she has thought of taking her own life in the past, but is not anymore. 

"... to break the curse I have to believe and say that I’m NOT! Have I thought of taking my own life? The answer is yes. But I reverse the curse by declaring I AM NOT SUICIDAL!"

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Dineo hopes to encourage other people. 

"If at all you relate… I have faith in you. I believe in you. I hope you believe in yourself too. I hope you are willing to do the work to be ok."

She also stressed that depression is curable and you can get through it with the right help.

"I have faith in me. I believe in me! I will be cured! Depression is curable."

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Main image Instagram/@dineoranaka

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