Danny K defends 'not enough white people call out racism' tweet

Danny K defends 'not enough white people call out racism' tweet

Danny K caused a stir on social media after calling on white people to "stand firm and have courage" to call out racism.

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South African singer Danny K is making headlines after sharing several tweets about racism in the country.

The 'I Can't Imagine' hitmaker said people can no longer keep quiet.

"Not enough white people call out racism when it rears its ugly head. Yes it may be uncomfortable and yes you may be the singular unpopular opinion, but stand firm and have COURAGE. We can no longer be silent," he wrote.

Danny K used the hashtag, 'Worlds Apart or Partners' - which is the name of his keynote and masterclass with singer Kabelo Mabalane, which discusses race issues in the country. 

The 41-year-old says he is "totally bewildered with the lack of empathy shown by many white South Africans".

"You don't need to be woke to get that for the most part we have benefited from the marginalisation and exclusion of people of colour. Own your privilege, appreciate it and pay it forward," he wrote.

While many agreed with the singer's comments, some were not impressed. 

"It's problematic when an artist singles out one race and don't look at the conversation and situation as a whole. Where are your tweets condemning the actions and behaviour of the EFF and BLF? Why target "White South Africans" as if there isn't a bigger black middle class in RSA?" Democratic Alliance councillor Renaldo Gouws replied.

Former DA leader, Helen Zille, took a swipe at Danny K by pointing out his spelling errors.

The singer was surprised that she was more concerned with his spelling. 

Helen replied, saying she was against racism but questioned "identity politics". 

"I call out racism of all kinds, from all quarters. Always have. "Identity politics" (that turns 'whiteness' into the source of SA's problems) is just another manifestation of this disease. Most white people I associate with are working hard to make SA a better place for all." 

Despite receiving some backlash, Danny K stuck to his guns.

"Reflection , ownership and an honest dialogue is desperately needed to bring us together."

He added: "Been fascinating to see the response to my tweets. While I don't agree with many of the views I fully support the right to freedom of speech. If we could focus that passion (on both sides) towards building a place in which we ALL can win- we would be further along than we are."

Danny K was trending on Twitter on Tuesday. Here's a look at what other South Africans had to say about the topic.

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