Connie Ferguson remembers Shona on wedding anniversary: 'True love never dies'

Connie Ferguson remembers Shona on wedding anniversary: 'True love never dies'

21 years ago, Connie and Shona tied the knot.

Connie and Shona Ferguson
Connie and Shona Ferguson / Instagram (@connie_ferguson)

Connie and her late husband Shona Ferguson would have been married for 21 years this week. 'The Queen' actress took to Instagram to remember the actor and producer on the day they officially became Mr and Mrs Ferguson - November 30. 

"This day 21 years ago. Tomorrow never came for my bestest friend, but I know how much he loved me. There’s a great comfort that comes with that, knowing just how happy you made someone in this lifetime, and how happy they made you," she captioned a picture from the wedding.

The 52-year-old says she will love Shona for the rest of her life. 

"True love never dies, and I carry this love with me in my heart and soul for eternity. Thank you for the beautiful everlasting love and memories my, ANGEL SHO." 

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Shona died on 30 July 2021 of COVID-19-related complications. The couple met in July 2001 and got married four months later. 

Connie described their union as a "once-in-a-lifetime kind of love". Connie also marked their 21st wedding anniversary by sharing a video of a portrait Netflix created in his honour. 

Shona's hit series, 'Kings of Joburg', features on the platform, with season two reportedly hitting our screens in January 2023. 

The portrait was pained by John Adams. Connie shared the portrait for the first time last week and thanked Netflix for honouring King Sho in a special and meaningful way. 

"The tribute painting really captures his essence and his presence was strong at the #netflixsummer celebration! @johnjadamsfit You sir are super talented! Thank you for this beautiful painting of the most amazing human I’ve ever known! It truly is special, and the best gift to me and my family. Bless you and bless you," she wrote.

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Main image credit: Instagram/@ferguson_films

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