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Clint Brink and his wife held at gunpoint

2019 started on a bad and scary note for actor Clint Brink and his wife Steffi van Wyk. 

Clint Brink and his wife Steffi van Wyk
Clint Brink and his wife Steffi van Wyk / Instagram

Clint Brink is counting his lucky stars after being held at gunpoint during a robbery at a petrol station in Midrand. 

The 'Binnelanders' actor took to Twitter on Wednesday to reveal that he was with his wife Steffi van Wyk when four armed men stormed into a Woolworths store located at an Engen.

"So 2019 kicked off with a bang. My wife and I and a few patrons at Woolworths / Engen in Midrand just got [held] up at gun point by 4 men...How's that ek sê?" he wrote.

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The former 'Scandal!' star explained how the drama unfolded. 

"So 2 guys casually strolls in to woolies..walks behind the counter..puls a gun out and tells the cashiers to empty the registers...Two other men later walk in asking for phones and wallets..then merrily walk off in to the sun set...#WelcomeToSouthAfrica #WelcomeToJHB."

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Clint assured his fans that both he and his wife were "unharmed" during the incident. 

"People PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE be safe out in the world. We got held up at gun point in a residential area where so many security companies patrol and NOTHING stopped the armed robbers..." he added.

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