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Comedian Siv Ngesi held at gunpoint during 'daylight' robbery

"I'm sick and tired of these criminals making our lives a living hell," says Siv Ngesi after being confronted by armed robbers this week.

Siv Ngesi Siya Kolisi
Siv Ngesi Instagram/@iamsivngesi

Comedian and actor Siv Ngesi took to Twitter this week to reveal he was held at gunpoint during a daylight robbery.

He says he fought off the robbers when they demanded his phone. 

"Was just held up at gunpoint .... but I wasn’t letting go of my phone! They took two phones from friends.... wasn’t the smartest thing to do I know! But f**k these criminals!" he tweeted. 

Siv says the incident occurred in the Johannesburg CBD on Tuesday.

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Speaking to The Juice, Siv says he fought for his "expensive" phone because it had a lot of important contacts. 

"I don't recommend anyone doing what I did. Please do not try the same thing. Just hand over your phone," he told the publication.

While Siv was uninjured in the robbery, one of his friends was hit over the head with a gun. 

"I'm sick and tired of these criminals making our lives a living hell. It's time South Africa does something about the crime. You can't be robbed like this during the daylight," he told the publication. 

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