Celebrity lookalikes - Linda Mtoba finds her doppelgänger

Celebrity lookalikes - Linda Mtoba finds her doppelgänger

Hey, gorgeous! Linda Mtoba found her lookalike on Twitter. 

Linda Mtoba
Linda Mtoba/ Instagram (@linda_mtoba)

Legend has it that there is another person on the planet that looks exactly like you. However, because of the world's more than seven-billion-strong population, your chances of finding your doppelgänger are slim to none. 

The odds increase slightly when you are a celebrity with millions of fans on the internet. Actress Linda Mtoba found her lookalike after a Twitter user tagged her in a picture. 

The image was shared by a woman who uses the Twitter handle, @hlonipha_n. The professional nurse shared a selfie of herself at work. 

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Some of her followers noticed that she was a dead ringer for Linda. Several Twitter users tagged the former 'Isibaya' star in the comments. 

Linda entered the chat and she too was convinced that she had found her "twin".

"My dad has some explaining to do for sure. Hey gorgeous," the 30-year-old wrote.  Her fans agreed.

"Listen to me, you look identical, niyafana, ama-twins. You look alike, amawele," one tweep wrote.

Another user joked: "Yoh. You two look together, are you twice?"

Linda is not the only celebrity with a lookalike. Jennifer Lopez also has a doppelgänger or two. 

American bodybuilder Janice Garay is the spitting image of the 'Jenny From The Block' hitmaker. See all their lookalike pictures here.


Local influencer, Aisha Baker from Baked Online, has also been told that she looks like Selena Gomez. 

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There are plenty of other celebrity lookalikes roaming planet earth. If that is not complicated enough, there are also several celebrities who look like they could be siblings. 

Here's a look at some of them.

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