WATCH: Jennifer Aniston doppelgänger recreates scene from 'Friends'

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston doppelgänger recreates scene from 'Friends'

We are still in a fizz about the recent 'Friends Reunion' episode. So when we saw this real life lookalike of Rachel, aka Jennifer Aniston, we immediately got hooked...

WATCH: Jennifer Aniston doppelganger recreates a Friends scene on TikTok
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When it comes to that saying that everyone has a twin somewhere in the world, we have always been a bit skeptical. We're not claiming that it doesn't exist, we're just saying that we are not sure if EVERYONE has one...

But then this woman enters the TikTok streets and kicks us in the tooshie with her recreation of a scene from the popular TV show from the 90s, 'Friends'. She not only kills the lip sync of Rachel (Jennifer Aniston), but she also looks very, very much like Jennifer Aniston

The TikTok video has received around 4.1-million views and many agree with us that Lisa Tranel definitely has an acute resemblance to Aniston. 

She said that she did the video as a joke and she nor her family think that she looks like Jennifer Aniston. But it's crazy what the eye sees when it comes to finding similarities with people. 

Watch the video below (courtesy of TikTok):


You know what I mean?

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When it comes to the theory of doppelgängers, the meaning can be considered as "a mysterious, exact double of a living person. It's a German word that literally translates to 'double walker' or 'double goer'. A doppelgänger isn't someone who just resembles you, but is an exact double, right down to the way you walk, act, talk, and dress." (Liveabout Website)

According to some, seeing a doppelgänger can be considered as bad luck, but we think that if any one person can find someone who looks and acts like them, that just means that there's more of them to love...

What do you think? On that note, we might've possibly found someone who we think looks a lot like Carol Ofori...

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