Cassper Nyovest ready to take on "princess" Kaybee in a boxing match

Cassper Nyovest ready to take on "princess" Kaybee in a boxing match

Ayeye! Cassper Nyovest says he doesn't think Prince Kaybee has the guts to face him in a celebrity boxing match. 

Cassper Nyovest
Cassper Nyovest/ Instagram

The gloves are off - or in the case of Cassper Nyovest and Prince Kaybee, they are definitely on!

Cassper took to Twitter to reveal that he is itching to face one of Mzansi's A-list stars in a celebrity boxing match. 

The rapper says celebrity boxing matches are huge in America and could be a big thing in South Africa as well.

"We just need the right Match Ups and we could entertain people in a new manner. Not only that, we would also give the boxing sport the boost it needs. We have some elite boxers but they are getting paid peanuts."

Some tweeps suggested the 'Tito Mboweni' hitmaker face Sizwe Dhlomo, Vusi Thembekwayo or Prince Kaybee.

But Caspper doesn't think "princess" Kaybee would be up for the challenge. 

"A lot of people are saying me and Princess Kaybee. I know he likes talking big s**t but I don't think he has the guts to get in the ring with me. If he is game, I'm definitely game."

Prince Kaybee responded to Cassper's tweet with a warning of his own.

"I HAVE BEEEEEEEN WANTING TO F**K YOU UP, like kgale keo kgalla hlem. Thank God!" he replied.

Cassper clapped back: "Let's goooooooooo!!!!!! I know you been wanting my attention, you have it now.. Let's pick a date and run it!!! My people will call yours and we pick a date."

Cassper was not done trolling "princess" Kaybee. 

Cassper is serious about taking Prince Kaybee on in the boxing ring. He got his team to contact Prince Kaybee about getting his manager's information to set up the fight. 

Some tweeps questioned if the pair were just trying to hype up what will turn out to be a PR stunt.

But Kaybee says he isn't in it for the money.

"I don’t even want money, In fact I’m gnna donate all that stash. All I want is that short MF nxa..."

There has also been a lot of talk around Cassper and AKA facing off in a boxing match

They both accused each other of failing to sign the contract that would allow the match to take place. 

But Cassper made it clear that he was ready to pull a Muhammad Ali on AKA in the boxing ring. 

"I'm obsessed with the beating I'm gonna give him in the ring!!!! I visualize it every day!!!! I can't wait!!! He swore at my mom!!! My queen!!! He has to get a beating with the world watching!!! Stop running!!! It's time to stand behind your words!!! Angithi he thinks he's tough!!!" he tweeted in December 2020.

Can someone fight Cassper already?

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Image courtesy of Instagram/ @casspernyovest

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