Tiktok Dance video of a teacher goes viral

Tiktok dance video of a teacher goes viral

A Primary School teacher from Kentucky in the USA got down for his students - and social media is loving it!

Tiktok video

A teacher has the ability to make being in the classroom a fun-filled day for his or her students. We've all be learners, so I'm sure you will remember a teacher who used to make it fun to be in the classroom?

The internet has given us that teacher again!

Craig Smith, an American school teacher from Kentucky, has been trending for the past two days for his Tiktok dance video. Craig sat down with a CNN Anchor to discuss his newfound fame! The main goal for him to record these videos is to find common ground with his students.

"The main thing for me is to build a relationship with my students, asking the students to understand my world," he said.

Watch Craig in action below:

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