KZN records another 1000 new Covid cases

KZN records another 1000 new Covid cases

Officials from the Department of Health say 51 more people, who contracted Covid-19 in the country, have died.

Coronavirus test
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This brings our pandemic death toll to a grim 92 989.

The department says an ongoing audit exercise has picked up 108 fatalities that weren't captured before. 

Almost 6 000 new cases were reported countrywide, which represent a 14.3% positivity rate. 

Over a thousand infections were recorded in KwaZulu Natal. 

Nationally, hospital admissions went up by nearly 300. 

This while the World Health Organization approved two new Covid-19 treatments on Friday, growing the arsenal of tools along with vaccines to stave off severe illness and death from the virus.

The news comes as Omicron cases fill hospitals around the world with the WHO predicting half of Europe will be infected by March.

In their recommendation in British medical Journal the BMJ, WHO experts said arthritis drug baricitinib used with corticosteroids to treat severe or critical Covid patients led to better survival rates and reduced need for ventilators.


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