"Because I have had COVID-19 I will not get it for three months after I've had it?" Prof Tulio answers

"Because I have had COVID-19 I will not get it for three months after I've had it?" Prof Tulio answers

Can the vaccine alter a person's DNA? 

"Because I have had COVID-19 I will not get after I've had COVID..." Prof Tulio answers KZN's questions
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When we talk about the factors that make us an elite Breakfast Radio Show, we have to also include the fact that we get the chance to regularly speak directly with one of the world's top virologists, virus-hunters, and bioinformaticians - Professor Tulio de Oliveira. 

He joins us every Wednesday to answer all your COVID-19 and vaccine-related questions with extensive experience and research done from KRISP at UKZN. 

With a virus that has pretty much taken over the world we will live in, the effects have literally been limitless. So when it comes to finding ourselves at the peak of trying to understand the new developments, finding a source of legitimate information, Prof Tulio is definitely our source. 

Today we had a great pack of questions from KZN, starting off with information that one caller said she received from a nurse and wanted to confirm the legitimacy of. The question asked was after getting COVID-19, is it true that she will not get COVID-19 three months after having it. 

He explains that your body produces antibodies once you contract the virus, these protect you from reinfection, but he noted that these antibodies are not as powerful as the ones that you get from the vaccine. 

The Professor suggested that listeners talk to their GPs if they are ever in doubt. 

Another listener asked about the travel restrictions that have been placed on South Africans who have taken the J&J vaccine but the country they want to travel to doesn't accept this vaccine. 

Many countries are accepting the J&J, so as a traveler you need to be responsible in finding out this information before traveling. 

Prof. Tulio also said that you can take a second shot of an acceptable vaccine, so that you can travel and it's also good for your body. He said that everyone should be aware of fake news and always check in with your doctor for verification. 

Listen to the full podcast below:

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