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LISTEN: Have you ever paid money into the wrong account? Wendy Knowler explains

What happens when you pay money into the wrong account?

Paying money into the wrong account and how to fix it/Pexels

In this week's edition of Consumerwatch with Wendy Knowler, she explains how important it is to make sure you you never make a mistake when paying money online.

"I made a payment into the wrong account by mistake. i called my bank immediately and they tried to get a hold of the person whose account I had deposited the money in to." - Consumer

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The recipient said the money was reversed, even though it wasn't. is this theft?

Here's advice from Wendy on your rights as a consumer and the actions you can take.

Wendy also deals with a query regarding Discovery Vitality, where consumers have been asked to open a Discovery Bank account in order to access the Vitality Health travel benefits - especially the partnership with

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We also got some advice with regards to warranties, which we found very informative.

Have you ever paid money into the wrong account? Wendy Knowler explains in the podcast below:

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