Battling to close your Edgars account? You are not alone, Wendy says

Battling to close your Edgars account? You are not alone, Wendy says

Carol Fourie’s experience in trying to close her Edgars account is shared by many others.


"I have had numerous calls from Edgars/RCS agents since last year regarding non-payment on my account. During these calls, I indicated that I wished to close my account after paying the outstanding balance. The procedure, I was told, is for the customer to request a settlement letter which would be emailed. I made several requests telephonically but to date, no email has been sent to me. Every enquiry is met with the same rehearsed script: You need to request a settlement letter after which an email will be sent…

"So, many months later, no settlement letter has been sent by Edgars/RCS  in spite of continuous efforts on my side and in the meantime, interest and fees on the account are added monthly! I have attached some screen grabs from Twitter, in which other customers have voiced similar complaints. Something is very wrong, hence I believe this matter is worth investigating," reads Carol Fourie's letter to Wendy.

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Wendy Knowler took up the issue with Regan Adams, CEO of the company RCS, which handles Edgars’ accounts.

Carol’s account is now closed. As for the issue at hand, Adams said: “We will not put customers in an adverse position who want to settle their accounts but we equally need to understand that just because someone asked for a settlement doesn’t mean that charges will immediately stop.”

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In many cases, people don’t pay the settlement amount by the specified date, or don’t pay at all, so the interest and fees continue to accrue, he said. “The challenge with settlement letters and closures is varied across the different customers. For some customers, we have no record of a settlement letter request and we suspect some of this could still be of historic Edcon incidences.

“Then we have incidences where customers spoke to other parties such as debt collection agencies, or those responsible for Club and Insurance, but this for some reason didn’t reach us. And in the past where we received an influx of requests which led to some delays on our side to process these requests. We have allocated more staff to our mailboxes and the situation is much better now than a month or two ago.”

If closure requests are then delayed, causing fees to continue to accrue, and the account holder can prove it, RCS will “reverse all fees that accrued in the meantime and ensure closures occur where these are requested,” Adams said.

So if you want to cancel your Edgars account, and you request a settlement letter via RCS’s imbedded email function under Contact on its website, before you hit Submit, take a screenshot, and be sure to include the date in the email.

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