Wendy Knowler offers solutions to Keri Miller’s municipal bill issues

Wendy Knowler offers solutions to Keri Miller’s municipal bill issues

Keri Miller was unexpectedly pushed into a tight budget this December after receiving a letter from the Municipality to settle a very big electricity bill, lest her lights are cut out by the 7th of December. This has been giving her sleepless nights and to get to the bottom of this, she enlisted the help of Consumerwatch's Wendy Knowler. 

Keri's bill
Keri Miller

Whether it’s a computer glitch, a water leak, or the result of your meter finally being read after months of estimated consumption, getting unexpectedly high water or electricity bill from the municipality is a terrifying experience, especially this year, when so many of us are battling financially.

Following Keri's story about being slapped with a hefty electricity bill by the Municipality, many other people came forward with their own stories. 

Listen to Keri explain her story in the podcast below.

Consumer Journalist, Wendy Knowler, decided to prioritise the matter by investigating the issue further and offering some solutions. 

"If you don’t pay, you go into arrears and that means the amount you owe shoots up with the addition of interest and costs. However, there is some relief for those in that situation," Wendy Knowler says.

Wendy adds that the eThekwini Municipality has offered a payment plan to those who are already in arrears. Residential customers are expected to pay between 10 and 25% of arrears and businesses to pay between 25 and 50% of their arrears. Customers with debt 90 days and older will see all accrued interest on their bills written off.  But it will be reinstated if a customer defaults on the payment plan.

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The Covid-19 special payment relief incentive for customers in arrears expires at the end of this month. Therefore, one way to get around the unpredictability of bills due to the fact that the municipality doesn’t read meters every month is to do it yourself.

Electricity readings can be sent to SMS Code 30909 or email [email protected].

Listen to the full podcast for more of Wendy Knowler's expert advice.

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