Shut the front door! Is an *NSYNC reunion on the cards?

Shut the front door! Is an *NSYNC reunion on the cards?

*NSYNC made a rare appearance together at the MTV VMAs, sparking hope that a reunion is on the cards. 

*Nsync boyband members
Chris Kirkpatrick, Lance Bass, Justin Timberlake, JC Chasez, and Joey Fatone at the 2023 VMAs/ YouTube (MTV, Universal Pictures)

*NSYNC is possibly making a comeback in the near future and no one is more excited than Taylor Swift.

All five members of the 90s boyband appeared on stage at the 2023 MTV VMAs on Tuesday, September 12. The group parted ways in 2002 and has not released any new music since then. 

But that is about to change! Their appearance at the VMAs was a rare one. It has been a while since every single member has been pictured together. 

Taylor gasped when they walked on stage to present the 'Best Pop' award. The 'Cruel Summer' singer, who was a nominee in the category, was clearly excited to see them together again. 

She could not contain her excitement when she was announced as the winner. She started her speech by telling *NSYNC what a big fan of theirs she is.

"I had your dolls. Like, are you doing something? What's going to happen now? They're going to do something and I need to know what it is," she said. 

Listen to her full speech here.


No reunion tour has been confirmed, but *NSYNC is working on a special project together. They are reportedly set to release music together for the first time in 21 years. 

According to Entertainment Tonight, the song will feature in the new 'Trolls' movie. Band member Justin Timberlake appeared in the first two movies of the animated film. 

He voiced the character of Branch. 

JC Chasez, Lance Bass, Joey Fatone, and Chris Kirkpatrick are rumoured to be part of the third film, 'Trolls Band Together' - which is due for release in November 2023. 

A trailer for the new 'Trolls' movie revealed that Branch's storyline will include a boyband reunion. 

"Poppy discovers that Branch has a secret past. He was once part of her favorite boyband phenomenon, BroZone, with his four brothers," the caption for the trailer, which was released in March, reads. 

One of the new characters proclaims in the trailer: "Branch, we're out of sync. We've gone from boys to men and now there is only one direction for us to go - the back streets."

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Why did *Nsync break up?

Their appearance at the VMAs has their fans begging for more *Nsync content. 

"Please have a reunion tour!! Everybody in their 30's and 40's gonna be there," one fan wrote on Instagram.

Another fan joked: "I need a reunion because I do not wanna be 50 tossing my bra onstage." A third wrote: "We have adult money now! Take it all and go on tour."

So, why did *Nsync break up? They had millions of loyal fans back then and they still have a huge following in 2023. 

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Their hits, 'Bye, Bye, Bye', 'Tearin' Up My Heart', 'This I Promise You', 'Girlfriend', and 'It's Gonna Be Me' remain fan favourites. 

When *Nsync announced their split in 2002, it was only meant to be a "temporary hiatus". Five years later, they made their break up official.

They reunited in 2018 to unveil *Nsync's star on the 'Hollywood Walk of Fame', but still no new music. 

"For us, it happened organically,” JC Chasez told the HuffPost about their break up that same year. 

"After you do something for a certain amount of time, you get into a rhythm of it and then new things spark your curiosity; you need new brain food. At that time, we just felt like we had exhausted every kind of idea for what we were doing and we just felt like ‘OK, let’s do something different.’ So, that’s what we did," he added. 

Is 2023 the year fans finally get the *Nsync reunion they have been dreaming about? Watch this space...

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Main image credit: YouTube/MTV ('Nsync presenting the 'Best Pop Award' at the 2023 VMAs), Universal Pictures ('Trolls' trailer)

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