Watch Selena Gomez eat weird things in new 'Fetish' video

Watch Selena Gomez eat weird things in new 'Fetish' video

Selena Gomez dropped the twisted video for her new song, 'Fetish', this week. 

Selena Gomez 'Fetish' music video

Selena Gomez released the video for her new single 'Fetish' on Wednesday, and it is a bit unsettling, and sexy at the same time. 

The video, which features rapper Gucci Mane,  already has over three-million views on You Tube. 

The 25-year-old can be seen eating soap, lipstick, and other weird things in the Petra Collins-directed video.

'Fetish' is the second single off Selena's upcoming album title 'SG2'. 

The song is bubbling under on the Coca-Cola Top 40, and will no doubt make its debut on the chart very soon. 

Two other Selena songs have already made an appearance on the chart. 

'Bad Liar' is at number 18, while 'It Ain't Me', her hit single with Kygo, is at number 11. 

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