Watch: Justin Bieber sings 'Friends' and moonwalks in new ad

Watch: Justin Bieber sings 'Friends' and moonwalks in new ad

Just Bieber doesn't have a music video for his song 'Friends', but this T-Mobile ad is close enough!

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Justin Bieber is the star of a new commercial for a German T-Mobile commercial that looks more like a music video than an ad.

The Biebs sings his new song 'Friends', which is currently at number 15 on the Coca-Cola Top 40, in the ad while trying to impress a girl.

He also shows off his moonwalking skills in the video.

The video starts with a girl sitting in a bus. She selects 'Friends' on her phone's music playlist, and puts on her headphones.

Justin suddenly appears and starts singing the song.

He serenades the girl on the bus, at a restaurant, and even in a library. 

Watch the music-video-ad below:

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