Watch: Celine Dion fulfills her late husband's last wish

Watch: Celine Dion fulfills her late husband's last wish

Celine Dion's husband René Angelil had one dying see his wife on stage one more time!

Celine Dion performing
Celine Dion live on stage/ YouTube screenshot

Celine Dion's 'My Heart Will Go On' is one of the best songs ever produced by the Grammy Award-winning singer. 

It is no wonder her husband asked her right before he could take his last breath to perform it for him. 

Celine's husband René Angelil was suffering from cancer, and Celine had taken a break from performing to care for him. 

According to Celine, who currently sits as number one on ECR top 40, René asked her to go back on stage because he wanted to see her perform. Celine performed in Las Vegas and gave a breath-taking performance of 'My Heart Will Go On'. 

"For him it was very important because I took a year off to take care of him but towards the end he said to me, “I need to see you go on stage and sing, I want to make sure, I need to see it”," Celine told The Mirror in an interview. 

The star said although she didn't feel like going back on stage, she did it to grant him his dying wish.

"I didn’t feel like partying or putting on short dresses and feathers. But what kept me going was that I thought of him. I did it for him," she said.

Because of Rene's condition, he couldn't travel to go watch Celine perform, but he live-streamed from his bed. Celine said watching her perform was therapeutical for him. 

“When I came home, he was so happy," Celine said. 

Rene passed away from a heart attack in January 2019 aged 73. 

Watch Celine perform the song in the video below:

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