Tones and I remembers the time she was homeless

Tones and I remembers the time she was homeless

Tones and I says the best times she had was when she was sleeping in the back of a van before she became a star.

Tones and I
Tones and I in bakkie/ Instagram

Australian singer Tones and I has become an overnight sensation.

Her single, 'Dance Monkey', has put her on the international map. It has occupied the number one spot on the ARIA Singles Chart for 17 weeks and currently sits as number four on the ECR Top 40

But before her music blew up, she had no accommodation and used to live in a bakkie, while travelling to sing on the streets.

Despite all the success Tones and I is enjoying, the star says she would never trade the days she had before she became a star.

"When I was busking, when I was paying for petrol with silver coins or when I was sneaking into hostels so I could park my van up and sleep in it, I had the best time of my life," she told Nova radio.

In another interview with Gold Coast Bulletin, she says even a year after becoming a star, she still has the same goals -  to be happy and healthy. 

"Some people think when it happens, all your problems must be over but they're not,” she said. 

"You still want to focus on fixing the exact same things you were focused on a year ago which is being happy and healthy."

Tones and I's video for ‘Dance Monkey’ has over 200-million views on YouTube. Watch it below.

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