Taylor Swift drops 'End Game' video ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

Taylor Swift drops 'End Game' video ft. Ed Sheeran, Future

Taylor Swift's 'End Game' music video is finally here. 

Taylor Swift Ed Sheeran End Game music video
YouTube/Taylor Swift Vevo

Weeks after Taylor Swift was spotted shooting a video with a Katy Perry lookalike, the singer has finally debuted her 'End Game' video. 

The video has been watched more than 3.7-million times on YouTube since its release on Thursday. 

Ed Sheeran and Future, who feature on the song, both make an appearance in the video. 

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But where is Katy Perry?  

A blonde woman, with the same haircut and style as Katy, was spotted in leaked footage from the set, but she is nowhere to be seen. 

Taylor's fans speculated that the foes had kissed and made up, and some even expected Katy to make a "surprise" appearance in the video.

But neither singer has commented, and Taylor could just have been throwing shade at Katy - yet again! 

Watch the 'End Game' video below.

Taylor has two songs on the Coca-Cola Top 40, '... Ready for it' and 'Look What You Made Me Do'. 

We can expect to see 'End Game' making an appearance in the near future. 

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