Selena Gomez’s new album moves Taylor Swift to tears

Selena Gomez’s new album moves Taylor Swift to tears

Selena Gomez’s ‘Rare’ is so good that it moved award-winning singer Taylor Swift to tears. 

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Selena Gomez’s new album ‘Rare’ is one of the albums we can't wait to get our hands on in the New Year. 

The album drops on January 10 and the count down to its release has already begun.

 One of the lucky people who got to hear it before the rest of the world is Taylor Swift. In an interview with KISS FM UK, Selena revealed that she played the album to Taylor Swift and her mom recently. 

Selena also got to play the music video for 'Lose You to Love Me' and 'Look at Her Now'. To make the moment even more special, Taylor switched off the lights.  

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"I was like, 'This is not that intense, Taylor.' And then she played it and her and she and her mom just started crying. Like, just tears and tears and all of a sudden, it stopped, "she said in the interview. 

She also explained that the album is about her growth.  

“Obviously most of my life has been quite public and whether I’ve liked that or not. And now I’ve gotten to a point where I understand this is the life that I chose.

 “I felt like at this point, I grew up with everyone, so ya, my music five-six years ago doesn’t sound anything like the music that I’m doing now,” she said. 

Selena said Taylor and her mom understood her emotional journey, which made the moment more special.

"It's going to make me cry thinking about it because it wasn't about how great the song was — which is a lot, coming from her — it was just that they had been on that journey with me intimately, and they were crying because of how proud they were for me stepping into a whole new era of my life and it not involving the horrible things — the abuse, the emotional chaos," she said in the interview. 

" It felt like I had a huge sigh of relief and to see her and her mom feel that way, it was very sweet," she said. "It's like an older sister and an aunt proud of their [friend]. It felt great to have people I love to see it as that," Selena said.

Here is the video of the interview below. 

Image courtesy of Instagram/ @Selenagomez

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